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11 2018-02

Root "east screen 10 years, 2018 new set sail" annual meeting of the V

Good time always in a hurry through, the party finally in the high rhythm, dynamic dance, concluding in wanting more appreciation dinner. The celebration party not only passed the sincere New Year wis
11 2018-02

Root "east screen 10 years, 2018 new set sail" convention IV

Ten rounds of exciting on-site lottery draws were interspersed in the party. Big color TV sets, massage chairs, rice cookers, sphygmomanometers and other prizes were all available. There were many surprises, red envelopes raining one after another, and joy everywhere.
11 2018-02

Root "east screen 10 years, 2018 new set sail" convention III

Annual meeting in the following stage of literature and art show all from new nuclear staff director, music, songs, comedy, dance, read, take turns to play, various forms and colorful, the wear always
11 2018-02

Root "east screen 10 years, 2018 new set sail" annual meeting of II

Continuous 5-10 years later, for the old employees, advanced collective, outstanding people, 17 years advanced employees, advanced collective, 5 s activities and awarded honorary certificates and priz
10 2018-02

Root "east screen 10 years, 2018 new set sail" annual meeting of the I

Gratitude takes you, hand in hand to accompany, in thick the awaken of spring, nanjing new nuclear 2018 New Year's party "for" ten anniversary celebration and recently held a grand, new nuclear staff,
30 2017-09

Actively participate in the Lishui National Fitness Games

On September 28, the first Lishui District Folk Culture Festival and the 4th National Fitness Games kicked off in Lishui District Sports Park. Nanjing Xinhe, as the only company representing Dongping Town, participated in the opening ceremony. In order to better welcome this event and show the spirit of unity, struggle, health and happiness, all administrative staff actively used their free time to rehearse and rehearse. *8=A square matrix of 32 people. At the opening ceremony, our team was vigorous, fully demonstrating the collective sense of honor and fine style of Nanjing New Nuclear, and shaping a good corporate image.
13 2017-05

Outing in Eastern Salt Lake City

Recently, Nanjing New Nuclear Group organized an annual spring outing event. The event received a warm response from everyone. More than one hundred people were in great numbers. They were divided into three buses and sang and laughed all the way to the Maoshan-Oriental Salt Lake City scenic spot. Oriental Salt Lake City is located in Maoshan, a sacred place of Taoism in China. It is a landscape cultural tourism resort integrating "religious cultural display, Jiangnan magical mountain town, creative interactive experience". It is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city and slowing down to enjoy life. Everyone fully felt the breath of nature and started a journey of meditation, so that the soul can be completely released!       Link to enjoy the beautiful article: "Eastern Salt"
28 2017-03

Nanjing New Nuclear Group Participated in the Lima Festival

The annual Nanjing Lishui International Mountain Marathon is here as scheduled. In the early morning of Sunday, more than 30 new nuclear employees and their families gathered again under the Wuxiang Mountain, ready to go to meet the competition. The shots were fired on time at 8:30. Everyone surged forward like a gate opening. The track passed the winding mountain road, and the spring countryside, running among the green mountains and clear waters, red plums and green bamboos to fully experience the race. The atmosphere, feel the breath of youth. After the game, everyone took a group photo and went to Donglu Mountain, set up camp, set up grills, lighted fires, washed vegetables and chopped vegetables, barbecued and fished, etc., as if returning to the happy childhood picnic era. It is the spring of March, when everything is recovering. , The grass grows and the ying flies, everywhere is permeated with the thick spring. When everyone enjoys the beautiful gifts of nature, the body and mind are also happy and relaxed, which promotes mutual communication, further improves the company's cohesion and centripetal force, and enhances team building.
24 2017-01

Happy New Year

On the occasion of the New Year’s Day, all employees of Nanjing New Nuclear Group would like to extend their sincere greetings and best wishes to all users and friends from all walks of life who have always cared about, understood and supported the work of the company! I sincerely wish you all in the new year. In good health, everything will come true, family happiness, and all the best!
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