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Mainly for nuclear power construction projects.

Nanjing Xinhe Composites Co., Ltd. (NNCC) was founded and developed as a cooperate enterprise based on the cooperation with materials science and engineering college of Nanjing University of technology, National Nuclear System and National professionals of composites materials. The plant is located in Dongping Industrial Zone, surrounded by beautiful Landscape in Nanjing District. Because of the perfect location, NNCC benefits a lot from Yangzi Highway and Nanjing port. The main products are glass-fiber reinforced polymer mortar pipe(RPMP), glass-filer reinforced thermosetting resin pipe(RTRP),high pressure glass-fiber reinforced pipe, nipple joint glass-fiber reinforced pipe, any type of glass-fiber reinforced tank, anti corrosive equipment, purification tank and environmental reverse osmosis membrane based glass-fiber reinforced pipe and water processing equipment. the productions are widely used and applied in fields such as Nuclear Industry, Fuel-chemical Industry, Food Processing Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Water Supply and Drainage Industry, Farming, Flue Gas


Desulfurization Industry, Thermal Power Generation industry, Environment


Protection industry, Sea Water Desalination industry and Water Processing industry.

2006 +


The company was established in

7 +

Ten thousand square meters

Floor Area

2 +

More than ten thousand tons

Annual production of composite products

200 +


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